We are manufacturing a vast range of time tested products ranging from multivitamin preparation to antibiotics which are being distributed through an extensive distribution network.

G.M.P compliance and ISO 9001:2000 (QMS) has earned us a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan and the foreign market.

Our comprehensive supply chain system of distributor covers as countrywide.

Documents issued by competent authorities:

  • GMP and Free sale certificate for product, issued by the Ministry of Health of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, certifying that the drug is marketed in manufacturer’s country and that it is produced according to good manufacturing practice requirements.
  • Concerning products for which the registration procedure is finalized abroad, we dispose of marketing authorizations for the drugs in the country in which our respective product is registered.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certificate, issued on 19.04.2004 by ASR (American System Registrar)
  • Drug Manufacturing License, issued on 19.07.1993 by (Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and Islamabad.
  • GMP Certificate, issued by Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • FREE SALE Certificate, issued by Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Pakistan