“The every single tablet, capsule, and ampule that we produce is integral to the life of the patient.”

English pharmaceutical is an ISO certified company and our systems and procedures are of international standards.

We have standard operating procedures  or every operation which ensures the consistency of the process and reproducibility of the products.

English Pharmaceutical has a quality policy whereby we have a high degree of commitment to quality .

Our quality manual specifies the quality management system of EPI.

The manual is aimed at achieving customer satisfaction by providing confirming products and meeting or exceeding customer and applicable regulatory requirements through application of the system, continuous improvement and prevention of non-conformity.

English Pharmaceutical has a team of highly qualified and experienced technical staff.

Each member of this technical team is always striving to meet the varied needs of the pharmaceutical market without compromising the established standards of pharmaceutical uprightness.

Our equipment is capable of producing the required quantity of the dosage forms mentioned earlier and are in full compliance with the requirements of cGMP .

There is an in – house engineering department and a workshop which keeps the equipment well maintained and in good working condition.