Quality Control

“Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless”

This is English Pharmaceutical Industries general policy on product quality, with each employee keenly aware that every drug manufactured by us directly affects patients lives.

This conviction reflects in every aspect of our production activity.

There exists a mission and a responsibility to continue to assure the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceutical products.

With the aim of providing a stable supply of high-quality products at affordable prices worldwide, including in emerging and developing countries

We aim to increase patient satisfaction by accurately identifying the needs of patients in each product area and optimizing management at every stage, including the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, and logistics and market supply.

We are a multi-product facility, we maintain an impeccably clean and hygienic manufacturing area with controlled environmental conditions in order to prevent the cross contamination of drug substances.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing areas have been assigned according to ISO classes.

Processes are monitored and evaluated on a routine basis using state-of-the-art statistical analysis and trending software.

Clearly worded standard operating procedures (SOP) are drawn up according to Good Documentation Practice

We are also continually striving to improve our processes, both through regular internal audits and by asking external consultants to give us an outside perspective.

Safeguarding manufacturing reliability is our key in order to ensure the stability of processes and make sure we deliver on time and at high quality.